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Training / Education

Effective safety training reduces accidents and protects employees. Let our recognized safety professionals, who adhere to professional guidelines and CSA Standards, provide your training and reduce your time, effort and worry.

Human Resource Management

Employment and labour laws demand compliance and your firm must attract, select, train, assess, and reward employees while overseeing organizational leadership and culture. Let our recognized human resource professionals take the stress out of compliance.

Health & Safety Consulting

Compliance doesn’t have to be confusing!
Let us do all the research and help you develop your health and safety program, so your firm and your workers don’t end up as statistics.



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I have been taking WHMIS training yearly for twenty years and teaching the content to my students for ten. It has always been a painfully boring experience and because of that I thought it was irrelevant content. After having Linda in to teach my students I have a whole new outlook. Through her life experiences and her great sense of humour I have a much better appreciation of how important good WHMIS training is. I have learned from Linda and will continue to have Linda in to teach my students. She has also tailored her lessons to the health work environment that my students will be entering. I have recomended her to numerous people and would not hesitate to recommend her again to anyone. She is Excellent!!!
Adult Educator
I enjoyed the small group. I find it was enjoyable learning because it was a very comfortable atmosphere.
JHSC Certification Participant
The entire course was meaningful for me. Excellent use of time, I very much appreciated the real life examples.
Rehabilitation Counsellor
Although a dry subject, it was never dull. Linda made the two days fly buy and very pleasant.
Office Manager
Linda made it easy to understand how to read the Act & Regulations without going crazy and made the course fun and interactive.
JHSC Worker Member
Had a great experience, cannot wait for Part II with Linda.
JHSC Certification Participant
It was much more than I expected. Teaching style is effective. Very well done!
JHSC Management Member
I learn easier when I can get involved and we can laugh a little and make it memorable and enjoyable. Linda has a great, great wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humour. I would attend any course Linda was teaching. I’ve taken this course before and I learned more this time.
YMCA Employee
I found that Linda was exceptional. I have been to many training seminars and by far #1 on my list.
JHSC Certification Participant
I loved Linda’s relaxed and informal style. I found her very easy to learn from because she caters to all styles of learning and all abilities.
JHSC Certification Participant
Made a tough and often overlooked subject very meaningful and easy to learn.
Parts Manager, Automotive
Most meaningful was to find out what workers don’t really know about the Act and what is there for them. You made it a lot more clear to understand the Act and the Regulations!
Worker Member JHSC
Most meaningful was the ease of use of the Act & Regs—Clear instructions. Really appreciated the ‘down to earth’ teaching style.
JHSC Certification Participant
Very informative, very good facilitation, good examples and a broad band of knowledge & experience. Good interaction.
JHSC Management Member